Over time, what we all learn to be the most important things in life are the things that money can’t buy—family, friends, time, love. It is not without exception that Edward and Jane have not only found these things, but have inextricably woven these timeless themes into the music they create.

The Chattanooga-based six-piece folkicana outfit, lead by the gut-punching lyrics and heartstring-tugging harmonies of husband-wife duo Edward and Jane Carpenter, have continued their tradition of making heartfelt reminders that music is the cloth by which we clean the heart’s window to discover what’s really important in life—those we love most.

With a mission to cultivate a communal environment at their shows where everyone belongs and feels like a necessary piece of the puzzle, Edward and Jane use their art to take listeners back to a simpler time—a time where music could steal you away from the worries of the world. With the help of Anderson, Indiana-based producer, Jonathan Class, Edward and Jane have found their voice and unique Americana sound. They have toured extensively for the last three years, landed multiple television placements on MTV and A&E, and have shared the stage with the likes of Mandolin Orange, Jon Foreman, Elenowen, Birdtalker, and Aaron Lee Tasjan. Their latest single, “Please Don't Leave Me Like This,” has garnered over 155,000 organic streams on Spotify since February. This journey has lead to the creation of their forthcoming sophomore release, Too Early To Tell. 

The band’s desire to make true, folk/rock music is heard in their honest lyricism and incredible family band instrumentation, all beautifully showcased on Too Early To Tell. The album, which distills influences from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-esque classic rock to soul-moving gospel choir harmonies, is a nostalgic journey to freedom that blends the bittersweet pain of departure with the flourishing beauty of independence.